There's been a very important visitor to the village of Huwazzit! The problem is, the person was in disguise so nobody recognized him/her.
Luckily, the visitor left clues around the village to help us identify him/her!

Your task is to follow the clues, hidden in different parts of the village, answer the questions and find out who he/she is!

In the village, there are SEVEN tasks to complete. Move your mouse around the village to look for tasks. When you finish a task you will get a clue. You will need a pencil and paper to write the clue you find. Click here to see the sheet for recording clues.
The tasks have different levels - easy / medium / difficult. Try the easy ones first!
So, here's what you have to do:

Find the tasks and answer the questions, to get clues.

Write down the clues.

Use the clues to think about who the visitor is.

Look at the cluesheet and make the same page in MS Word.

You must then find a picture of the visitor and paste it into the cluesheet.

Finally, email your finished cluesheet to your teacher!


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