Intro Village School

Task 3 -

Your task is to find which girl has the yellow bag.
Use the information below to make a table, this will help you!
Your column headings are: Name, Sport, Food, Subject, Bag Colour.

Hind really enjoys Project work.
Fatema loves chips.
Nadia’s bag is blue.
Hind prefers to eat pizza.
The basketball player’s favourite food is rice.
The football player loves English.
The student who likes chips is good at Math.
Nadia always takes sandwiches to school.
The owner of the black bag has salad for lunch.
Badreiyah’s bag is black.
The owner of the blue bag likes Technology.
The tennis player’s bag is orange.
Salma is very good at Business.
The student who likes swimming owns the red bag.
Nadia does Karate.
Hind’s bag is not red.
Fatema likes swimming.

Who has the yellow bag? Be careful, you have two chances only!

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