Intro Village Sports Centre

Task 2 -

Move your mouse over the pictures to see their names.

When you answer the questions correctly, you will get a letter. Put the letters together to make a sporting event!

table tennis

Try this Sports quiz - you will need a new window for Google.
Look for the key info in each question and use Google to find the answer!
The answers are the sports in the pictures above.

1. In which sport were Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna world champions?

2. Which sport is played at the Wimbledon championship?

3. Lin Dan is the world number one player in which sport?

4. Which sport does the team "Chicago Bulls" play?

5. The TWIF is the organisation which manages which sport?

6. Slalom, giant slalom and downhill are events in which sport?

7. A sand wedge is used in which sport?

8. Mr Tom Cruise loves this sport. Email him (politely) and ask!

Now you should have eight letters. Put them in order and write the event in the box below:

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